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This American Style India Pale Ale is a true Northwest IPA; a big, bold hop aroma with floral and citrus notes greets you.  Its dark honey color is a bit hazy due to dry hopping.  There is a medium intense hop bitterness that doesn't linger and is well balanced with a citrusy (grapefruit), malty sweetness. Your senses score big time with this ale!
ABV: 7.2%   IBU: 90  

This Blonde Ale is a golden straw color.  It has delicate hop notes and a citrusy aroma; a crisp and dry palate with a touch of sweetness and low bitterness.  Higher carbonation adds to the overall experience, light in body and very refreshing, a real thirst quenching beer.  There is enough full-bodied flavor to satisfy those who want a well balanced blonde ale.  This blonde is a real beauty!
ABV: 4.5%  IBU: 16  

This Oatmeal Stout is dark brown to almost black in color with a rich cream colored head.  It has a pleasant, full-bodied, smooth profile with an aromatic blend of coffee, oats, and roasted malts.  Savor the long, rich finish that tempts you with just a subtle hint of dark chocolate.  This oatmeal stout is something great to behold, enjoy!
ABV: 6.2%  IBU: 30 

A Northwest twist on a Pale Ale, with a bright and deep golden color and a crisp citrusy nose.  Although hop-forward, this ale is well balanced with a light, biscuity malt body that finishes dry.  Balance and drinkability is what you will experience in this excellent session beer!
ABV: 5.7%  IBU: 50


A Strong Ale that is dark chocolate brown to almost black in color.  Eight specialty malts contribute to its full bodied sweetness.  Piney flavors and aroma from the hops balance out the sweetness and chocolate malt flavors.  A longer aging process contributes to the deep richness of this ale.
ABV: 8.2%   IBU: 80

 Kegs to Go

Kegs to go are available at the brewery.  

To reserve a keg, please call 48 hours in advance.  425-774-1717.

We also fill growlers.  Bring your own, or buy one of ours.
The cost of our growler is $5.00 and the price to fill any growler is $9.00.

Keg Rental Policy
Our keg and tap rentals are FREE, however we do require a deposit of $50 for each tap and $150 for each keg that is taken out.  Items must be returned within 7 days of the date of purchase.  Your deposit will then be returned to you.  

If you need the items for a longer period of time, just let us know.  After the initial 7 days, we will process your deposit.  When you bring back the keg and tap (in good working order) at a later date, we will gladly buy them back from you for the same dollar amount of your original deposit.

We do NOT guarantee to have all our beers in all keg sizes, so please call ahead to reserve your keg.

13.2 Gallon keg "1/2 Barrel"   $150.00
5.16 Gallon Keg "1/6 Barrel"   $65.00

To Fill 7.75 Gallon Keg "1/4 Barrel" $90.00
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